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Federalist Paper #41: General Views of the Powers Proposed to be Vested in the Union

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Political Science
Ryan Hurl

thPOL203Y1 US Government and Politics September 29 2011The Federalist Papers 41 General Views of the Powers Proposed to be Vested in the Union Federalist Paper 41The proposed plan of govt should be considered based on the amount of power it has and the way the power is structuredDoes the new plan of govt have too much powerCritics claim that the new form of govt has too much power yet they overlook the fact that any govt that attempts to protect the common good must have some abusesThe proposed plan of govt has the power of security against foreign dangerNot only is this the most important goal of a civil society but essential to the American unionNo one will disagree w granting this powerThe only way to prohibit troops in times of peace would be to stop all ho
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