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Federalist Paper #44: Restrictions on the Authority of the Several States

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Political Science
Ryan Hurl

thPOL203Y1 US Government and Politics September 29 2011 The Federalist Papers 44 Restrictions on the Authority of the Several States Federalist Paper 44States are prohibited from printing bills of credit because some of them have acted irresponsibly in distributing paper money and have put the financial situation of the entire nation in dangerStates are restricted from certain types of law making that not only hurt the rights of the ppl but also create instability that can be harmful to republican govtStates are also restricted from levying imposts and this has already been addressed as part of the necessity of the central govt to regulate foreign tradeThe authority of the central govt to make all other laws necessary to carry out its other powers is one of the most criticized clauses in the constitution but it is a crucial part of the document and it brings power to itIf the legislative branch oversteps its authority under authority of this clause
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