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Political Science
Clifford Orwin

 Mv says that Evoking the memory of liberty, which is never forgotten intrudes in what appears to be a well-oiled power mechanism which threatens the conquering prince who tries desperately to hold on to power and peoples in submission.  Principality is the major concern for the prince as mv entails on how to maintain and conquer it but by quoting in chapter V and evoking the memory of liberty he briefly reopens this issue with a series of questions concerning the memory of liberty, its irreducible force and its impulsive power.  Republics are objects of conquest  Republics are defined to be virtueous of the common good and harmony, they tend to have their own temporality which is directly related to memory.  the habit of servitude makes it very easy for them to be conquered however mv says the habit that is responsible for making the people weak, is not something the prince is fond of either.  Once conquered the prince will find In the people a refuge to protect his own state.  However, in republics the situation is quite complicated. In republics there is greater life in relation to memory related to virtue. Machiavelli says the name of liberty has an emotional attachment with the people living In the republics and activates in them an emotional collective memory, that may pose a serious danger to the prince because of the hatred and a motive for rebellion that burns inside the republicans cant never be extinguished unless they’re eliminated.  A republic poses a particular issue for the prince since the legacy carried by former republics still lives in the people’s memory. It is difficult for a prince to maintain a principality that has been accustomed to its past, previous traditions.  How does a principality deal with the past when the past does not necessarily represent the present undertakings of the
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