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Political Science
Lilach Gilady

Levels of analysis In The Level of Analysis Problem in International Relations, the author, David Singer explains that there are two different levels of analysis in IR, the macro level, which is the international system as a level of analysis and the micro level which is the National state as a level of analysis. He describes the three different requirements of an analytical model, which are description, explanation and prediction, in order to analysis both levels of analysis. In Ifs: Destiny and the Archduke’s Chauffeur, the author Hans Koning comes up with many alternatives of the events in history. He questions whether individuals can influence grand events, such as the death of a million people by making life or death suppositions. He questions whether the smallest detail can make a significant difference in history, by using main events during the World War II as examples. Lecture two gives us 6 different level of analysis whereas the articles focuse on two levels of analysis International and National. Moreover the Lecture adds requirements of analysis such as the necessary and sufficient conditions to understand causes of events. Sovereignty and Anarchy In Think Again Sovereignty, Stephen Krasner is clarifying the false and right statements about sovereignty. The author explains how despite the challenges Sovereignty has faced such as
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