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Chapter 1

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Political Science
John Haines

Globalization and global politics Three interrelated objectives: To elucidate and elaborate the concept of globalization What is globalization? How is it best conceptualized and defined? How is it manifest today, most especially given the events of 911? Is it really all that new? To examine and explore its implications for world politics The ways in which globalization is contributing to the emergence of a distorted global politics which is highly skewed in favour of a global power elite and to the exclusion of the majority of humankind. To reflect upon the key normative issues it poses for the study of world politics Reflect upon the ethical challenges posed by the realities of this distorted global politics. It examines current thinking about the conditions, and prospects, for a more humane global politics which is both more inclusive of, and responsive to, those in greatest need in the global community This chapter takes a transformationalist perspective- arguing that both the hyperglobalists and sceptics exaggerate their arguments and thus misconstrue the contemporary world order. By contrast, while it takes globalization seriously, it accepts that it is not leading to the demise of the sovereign state but to a globalization of politics- an emergence of a conspicuously global politics in which the usual distinctions between domestic and international affairs is not terribly meaningful. making sense of globalization Over the last 3 decades, the scale of global interconnectedness has become increasingly evident from the economic to the cultural sphere. Economic integration has intensified due to the expansion of global commerce, finance and production linking together nations fate, communities and households across the world and leading to the emergence of a global market economy Transnational corporations account for between 25-33% of world output, www.notesolution.com
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