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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Notes

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Political Science
Victoria Wohl

POL 214 Canadian Government and Politics Chapter 7 Federalism Main subject of discussion at Charlottetown and Quebec was the relationship bw new national and regional governments Self government guided by British parliament No framework for federalism What is Federalism? Constitutional authority to make laws and to tax is divided bw national governments and regional governments Citizens are members of two political groups A legal term- based on the Constitution Sociological approach federal-type societies William S. Livingston Federalism is a function of society Constitutional approach is more corrects Dynamic of state power institutionalizes regional divisions by associating them with different governments Along territorial lines Decentralizedcentralized balance Confederations and economic communities Formal groupings of independent states that have agreed to assign certain legislative and administrative functions to a common institution The Origins, Maintenance and Demise of Federal States Only 24193 members of UN have federal system of government Estimated bc cant scientifically determine if country is federal Small club Unitary government is more popular General conditions present at the birth of Federalist states Agreement among regional components that the benefts of being a union exceed costs of membership Consensus of regions Compromise Pierre Trudeau federalism has all along been a product of reason in politics its an attempt to find a rational compromise bw divergent interest groups which history has thrown together Pacts, contracts, bargains Soviet Union www.notesolution.com
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