The Return of Authoritarian Great Powers

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Ernie Tam 2011-10-30 The Return of Authoritarian Great Powers By: Azar Gat • The liberal democratic order faces two challenges in the Radical Islam and the revival of Russia/China. • Capitalism seems to be entrenched within the world international system o Fukyama predicted that modernization leads to democracy and that the rise of the markets would lead to that. • Democracy overpowered nondemocratic opponents such as Germany and Japan was because they were too contingent (independent) from other economies. Chronicle of Defeat not foretold • Advantage of democracies international conduct was that: it had a great ability to elicit international cooperation through bonds and discipline of the global market system. o However, this theory does not work all the time as democracies DO NOT STICK TOGETHER all the time. o In fact, democracies stuck together only in the Cold War. For the other two World Wars, that was not true.  Part of the reason why China and Russia failed in their bid in establishing their ideology was because of their lack of unity as demonstrated by democracies. o There was a difference in national interests between France and Britain. That brought the two sides close to war and the UK was actively seeking the support of Germany. • Nazi Germany failed to take over the world due to the lack of supplies for soldiers BUT the reason for this can
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