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Chapter 3

Chapter 3-Looking at the Sun-The American Years (Japan)

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Political Science
Lynette Ong

Ernie Tam 2011-10-06 Chapter 3-Looking at the Sun-The American Years • The occupation of Japan by Americans showed that factories were not run • Meji Era was when centuries of Japanese isolation finally ended whereas the occupation marked the great bitterness of the Japanese. • The Japanese were surprisingly accepting of the occupation and were “gracious losers” ready to work and rebuild the country. o In August 1945, Japanese women/citizens were ready to kill the invading Americans by any means possible o By August 1950, more than 2/3 of Japanese embraced Americans and hated the Soviets. • John Welfield “Washington became on a grander scale what Chang’an had been for the aristocrats of the Heian era-The middle Kingdom, the pinnacle of power and refinement, the leader whose wishes must be accommodated and whose achievements must be studied with care. “ • There was land reform in Japan, where feudalism was abolished. Land held by rich barons were soon divided up and given to citizens. • There will no longer be a military for air, land, or sea by Japan nor will there be any policy for striking back (Article IX) • Big brother/little brother relationship with the United States o American wealth was needed such that the US is able to fund its own military to protect Japan America’s Changed View of Japan • There were several arguments as to wh
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