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Chapter 8

How East Asians View Democracy-Chapter 8-The Case of Hong Kong

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Political Science
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Lynette Ong

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Ernie Tam 2011-11-02 How East Asians View Democracy-Chapter 8-The Case of Hong Kong • Hong Kong was a colonial country under the UK and then ruled by PRC. • Election procedures were determined by Beijing. • Modernization has produced readiness for democracy • The lack of complete democracy in HK is reflected by a lack of commitment by its peoplethis is only true b/c there are many factors that affect the commitment: such as the economic concerns etc… Hong Kong’s Partial Democracy • From the 1980s, the only government body with elected members was under British Colonial system, known as the Urban Council. o Universal suffrage was introduced in the 1980s. • Britain and China began to have negotiations over the future of HK. Agreed that in 1984, that Britain would return HK to China only on the conditions that HK gets to keep their democratic system in place. o “One country” two system agreement. • Arrival of Chris Patten was HK’s last colonial governor produced several democratic reforms. o Patten introduced several Legislative Council elections. o All official and appointed seats in Legislative council were also abolished. • Tung Chee Hwa was appointed to the position of chief executive of HKSAR, undermining the previously established rule under Britain. • Basic Lawconcept of a gradual and
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