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Chapter 9

How East Asians View Democracy-Chapter 9-China Democratic Values

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Political Science
Lynette Ong

Ernie Tam 2011-11-07 How East Asians View Democracy-Chapter 9China Democratic Values support an Authoritarian System • For Most Chinese people, the system is already very democratic • The Chinese trusts their institutions more than most societies • This is due to three factors: o Regime has been able to define democracy in their own terms, with ideas of good government with deep roots in the nation’s historical culture and roots in ideology of socialism. o Draws support from the public’s perception that it is performing better than previous regime in both the political realm (greater freedom and accountability) and some aspects of the policy realm (economic growth). o Persisting norms of hierarchy and collectivism support trust in political institutions esp. those at the national level where the citizens have less direct contact with the government. • Spread of pro-democratic attitudes might not point towards the consolidation of democracy. Chinese definition of Democracy • After 1949, the Chinese Communist Regime indoctrinated the citizens of socialist democracy o Where it s
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