Born in Blood and Fire Chapter 3 notes

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Political Science
Prof Fonseca

Charles Chasteen Born in a Blood & Fire Chapter 3 the most remarkable thing about colonial rule was its stability. No one saw an imperial collapse coming the fighting of Latin American independence dealt a death blow to the caste system and honour to previously unrespected mix race types. Patriot leaders faced great challenges in finding something that united African slaves with creole elites, mestizo and native populations. It was during this time that liberalism and nationalism were born in latin America The sale of high office was a common practice around this time which led to rule by incompetent people Spanish America was de facto indcpendent when napoleon imprisoned the king of England. Portugal maintained a friendly relationship with England unlike Spain The ideas of the French revolution were highly seductive and could not be hidden from Spanish America for ever. Challenges to the idea of the divine right of kings and a firm belief in constitutionalism are the main ideas one is talking about with the mention of French revolutionary ideas. When Portugal refused to go to war with England they were invaded by napoleon. The royal family fled to brazil. Napoleons brother joseph was named king of spain after the forced abdication of King and his son.
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