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Chapter 13

Summary of Chapter 13

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Political Science
John Kirton

POL 308 1 Chapter 13 Governmental DeterminantsStudying Individual and Governmental Determinants PMs have a lot of power when it comes to determining policy because of cabinet solidarity and the power of the PM to dismiss cabinet members The Great Conditional Variation o but there is a lot of variation in the salience of the governmental determinants in the making of Canadian foreign policy o importance of the PM varies according to 1 personal predisposition interest experience and expertise in FP and their breadth of convictions about the subject 2 Cabinet colleagues foreign ministers obviously have the most power seen as natural alternative to PM 3 bureaucracythe strength prestige and determination of powerful international affairs ministries 4 size of mandate 5 domestic distractions ie eco problems national unity etc 6 international system crises etcThe Debate o 1 international fate what Canada does it dictated by external determinants PD ie Cold War etco 2 foreign ministry matters foreign minister and dept can have medium salience in making foreign policy LI Pearsoniano 3 all of Ottawa and especially the Prime Minister matters cites Canada going to Gulf in 1990 and not to do so in 2003The Theoretical Life There is a common logic behind all three of these schools of thought smaller powers have to do what the international system pressures them to do Stairs sees them as policy takers therefore governmental determinants have low salience and sensitivity and scope those who try to do something else
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