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Bates Reading The article begins with defining the social objective of governments within the developing world. This is to shift their economies which are centered on agriculture towards the production of manufactured goods and industrialization. This modernization process stems from liberal ideals. Bates highlights that governments extract resources from agriculture that they need to build a modern economy. He also argues that personal motives influence political choices such as appeasing the urban public and elite interests in order to stay in power. He also discusses the failure to create a profitable industry, costing the government in loss of loans and accumulation of debt. This was funded through cash crops. African countries seek rapid development, best secure by shifting economies based on agriculture to economies based on industry and manufacturing, therefore they create policies that divert resources from their traditional economic sectors i.e. production of cash crops to their modern or developing sectors. Public agencies which are law sanctioned and monopsonistic meaning they are the sole buyers. This allowed them to become very wealthy as they buy at a domestic price and then export at world market pricing, paying the farmer lowest prices, the govs have intervened in th
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