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PSL201 – Feb 26 – Endocrine 3 Thyroid Hormones.docx

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Michelle French

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PSL201Feb 26Endocrine 3 Thyroid HormonesThyroid Gland and Parathyroid Glandsthyroid gland butterflyshaped structure on the ventral side of the trachea o secretes T3T4 regulate metabolic rates and calcitonin regulates calcium levels in bloodparathyroid glands smaller structures on posterior surface of the thyroid o secrete parathyroid hormone PTHregulator of calcium levels in bloodThymusclose to the heart and secretesthymosincritical for normal immune functionThyroid Hormonesplasma levels are relatively steadylittle change in levelswork to maintain rather than triggerSynthesis and Secretion of Thyroid Hormoneshormones produced from follicles o single outer layer of follicular cells surrounding a central protein rich colloid secreted by the follicular cellsC cells are located in the space between follicles o Synthesize and secrete calcitoninThroboglobulin TG primary substance found in colloid that functions as a precursor for thyr
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