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Chapter 6

PSY100H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning Chamber, Reinforcement

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Michael Inzlicht

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Psychology Module 6.1,6.2,6.3
Learning: Is a process by which behavior or knowledge changes as as result of
Palo’s disoe ega log taditio of iui ito hat is o alled classical
conditioning: Learning that occurs when a neutral stimulus elicits a response that was
originally caused by another stimulus.
Unconditioned stimulus (US): Is a stimulus that elicits a reflexive response without
learning. In absence of any learning
Unconditioned response (UR): Is a reflective unlearned reaction an unconditioned
Associative Learning: Although uh ifoatio a pass though the dog’s ai i
Pavlo’s epeietal o lassial oditioig a assoiatio as ade etee the
tone and the food.
Palo’s Saliar Coditioig Eperiet: Food elicits unconditioned response of
salivation. Before conditioning the tone elicits no response by the dog. During
conditioning the repeatedly precedes the food. After conditioning the tone alone elicits
Conditioned stimulus: A once neutral stimulus that later elicits a condition response
because it is has a history being paired with an unconditioned stimulus.
Conditioned Response: is the learned response that occurs to the conditioned stimulus.
Acquisition, extinction and spontaneous recovery: Acquisition of a conditioned
response occurs over repeated of paring of conditioned stimulus and unconditioned
stimulus. If the unconditioned stimulus no longer occurs conditioned responses
diminish- process called extinction. Often following a time interval in which the
conditioned stimulus does not occur, conditioned responding rebounds when the
conditioned stimulus is presented again- a phenomenon called spontaneous recovery
Acquisition: is the initial phase of learning in which a response is established
Extinction: Is the loss or weakening of conditioned responses when a conditioned
stimulus and and unconditioned stimulus no longer occur together.
Spontaneous Recovery: Or the reoccurrence of a previously extinguished conditioned
response, typically after some time as has passed since extinction.
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