PSY100H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Suggestibility

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PSY100H1 Full Course Notes
PSY100H1 Full Course Notes
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The capacity of the nervous system to acquire and retain usable skills and knowledge, Often incomplete, biased, distorted differing vastly between individuals for a specific. Differ vastly from others who experience identical events (not like a video camera faithfully. W allowing living organisms to benefit from experience. Basic stages of memory (3 stages for modal memory model) W (iconic) [levels of delay with ability to recall?] W by thinking about the info or rehearsing it. Wattention is the process that moves information from the sensory store to short-term memory. Limited capacity memory system holding info in awareness for a brief period of time (also info. Active, like ram, constantly replaced by new info and is lost if not "saved" can hold info for no longer than 20 sec, then disappears unless actively prevent from happening constantly bombarded with new info. Bunch of letters and grouping the letters to form something of more sense (chunking)