PSY100H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Standard Deviation, Dependent And Independent Variables

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16 Feb 2011
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PSY100H1 Full Course Notes
PSY100H1 Full Course Notes
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Chapter 2 the research enterprise in psychology. Theory (a logical network of explanatory ideas) hypotheses (specific predictions derived from theory) empirical research (conduct study to test hypotheses): N findings support h increase in confidence of the theory. N findings don"t support h decrease in confidence of the theory revise or discard theory. Then make detailed plans [what kind of experiment, who are the participants, how many, where]. Clarity and precision; scientific approach allows communication about important ideas. Relative intolerance of error; yields more accurate and dependable info. Research method (strategies for conducting studies) approaches to the observation, measurement, manipulation, and control of variables in empirical studies. www. notesolution. com. Experiment is a research method in which the investigator manipulates a variable under carefully controlled conditions and observes whether any changes occur in a second variable as a result. (useful to detect cause-and-effect relationships). Independent/ dependent variables, experimental/ control group, and extraneous variables.