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PSY100H1 Full Course Notes
PSY100H1 Full Course Notes
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Sensation- the sense organs reponses to external stimuli and the transmission of these responses to the brain. Perception- the processing, organization, and interpretation sensory signals; results in the internal representation of the stimulus. When looking at sensation and perception, we are seeing how stimuli energy is converted into meaningful information. Green light; stimulus sensory receptors detects stimulus; sensation stimulus is transduced; sensory coding green light seen in head, persons drives; perception (based on past experience: stimuli must be coded to be understood by the brain. Sensory coding- organs taking of stimuli and turning it into neural impulses. Transduction- a step in sensory coding where sensory receptors produce neural impulses when they receive stimulation. Qualitative information: quality of something, black or blue. Bright blue light or dull low lighting light. Different features of environment are coded for differently. First step in sensory coding is transduction.