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PSY230H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter all: Oedipus Complex, Projective Test, Reality Principle

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Amanda Sharples

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Chapter 3
-Ego is found in conscious, preconscious and unconscious.
-ID is in the unconscious
-moral anxiety: the super-ego is too powerful.
-the super ego is guided by the reality principle
-according to Freud: we are all born with a desire to die and return to the earth.
-most of our behaviour is under the life instinct of the libido.
-2 instinct: life and death.
-the ego uses defense mechanisms in order to reduce anxiety.
-repression formation: acting in a way that is opposite than what you believe.
-resolution of the Oedipus complex leads to the development of the superego.
Chapter 4
- One function of dreams that Freud maintained was they provide a safe and healthy outlet for
expressing aggressive desires.
-people who score high on the absorption are more responsive to the hypnosis.
-motivation expectancy and concentration are the three concepts use to explain …
-From Freud’s view of tension reduction, one can conclude that a joke will be received as
funnier when more tension is experienced before the punch line.
-after watching an anxiety provoking film, you will laugh the loudest.
- a.People find mildly hostile humor funnier when it is aimed at a person or group they do not
like. b. Angry people may react in different ways to jokes that include aggressive themes.
c. The greater the tension build-up to a joke, the funnier people find the punch line.
-Projective test is the most common measure the defense mechanism.
-the cornerstone of the psychoanalysis of the defense mechanism is the Repression.
-REM sleep appears to prepare us for dealing with anxiety-arousing events.
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-Which statement best summarizes what researchers have found about the changes in
frequencies of male and female dream characters at different age levels?
The pattern found in adult males and females is also found in samples of children of various
Chapter 5
-Freud would say that the root of adult’s personality is largely formed in childhood.
-Adler: individual Psychology
-based on Karen Horney: people who is extremely dependent on other people is using this
interpersonal style to avoid feelings of anxiety.
-Neo-Freud: more concerned with the social aspect of the personality
-Suppose you have a shy friend who gets anxious whenever there are popular people nearby.
The anxiety is so bad that your friend cannot speak around others. Freud would argue that your
friend is experiencing neurotic anxiety.
- Freud conceived of the concept of neurotic anxiety. Which statement is the most accurate
with regard to this sort of anxiety?
a. It is experienced when id impulses are dangerously close to breaking into consciousness.
-the ability to know when to apply what coping strategy: coping flexibility
-Frustrated research participants are sometimes given an opportunity to administer an electric
shock to another person. Experimenters conducting this research generally find that:
participants experience a decrease in arousal following the administration of the shocks.
-Individuals who see themselves as unworthy of love is characteristic of which of the following
categories of adult attachment? Disoriented
-In terms of the four-category model of adult attachment, preoccupied people: have feelings
that they are unworthy while they tend to see others as trustworthy.
Chapter 16
-men tend to have a cognitive representation of themselves that is relatively unrelated to the
cognitive representation they have of other people.
-the happiest people are those who interpreted ambiguous information in a positive light.
-negative cognitive style is related to depression.
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