PSY240H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Panic Attack

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15 Feb 2012
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PSY240H1 Full Course Notes
PSY240H1 Full Course Notes
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Fears of people with anxiety disorders are severe, lower quality of their lives, are chronic and frequent enough to interfere with their functioning, out of proportion to dangers they truly face. Distinctions b/w adaptive fear (adaptive response to a threat) and maladaptive anxiety y y y. In adaptive, people s concerns are realistic given the circumstances but in maladaptive, their concerns are unrealistic (ex. think they may keel over and die, which is highly unlikely) In adaptive, amount of fear in proportion to reality of threat; in maladaptive, amount of fear out of proportion to harm threat could cause (ex. avoid class for fear of being called on) Anxiety s prominent in many psychological disorders; those who have one of the anxiety disorders are at an increased risk for another. Neurosis = anxiety aroused by unconscious conflicts couldn t be quelled or channelled by defence mechanisms could take the form of anxiety, depression, hypocondriasis, etc.