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Textbook Notes for PSY311H1 at University of Toronto St. George (UTSG)

UTSGPSY311H1Amanda ShermanFall

PSY311H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Prosocial Behavior, John Bowlby, Surgency

OC497410 Page
Behaviorism: theory based on observable and recordable behaviors, human development is mainly influenced by emerging associations between external stim
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PSY311H1 Chapter Notes -List Of Compositions By Johann Sebastian Bach

OC95163 Page
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UTSGPSY311H1Ian SpenceWinter

PSY311H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Developmental Psychology, Heredity, Heart Rate

OC56617 Page
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PSY311H1 Chapter Notes -Dispositional Attribution, Fundamental Attribution Error, Social Desirability Bias

OC2686134 Page
Individuals will live up to the expectations that are set for them especially in settings where the person with the expectation is higher social order
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UTSGPSY311H1Ian SpenceWinter

PSY311H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Parenting, Electrodermal Activity, Adrenal Cortex

OC56619 Page
Emotions have several components: feelings: positive or negative in character, physiological correlates: changes in heart rate, galvanic skin response,
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