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Chapter 4

PSY333H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Breast Cancer, Breast Self-Examination

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PSY333 Health Psychology
Chapter 4
Unintentional injuries in the home, such as accidental poisonings and falls,
are the most common causes of death and disability among children under
the age of 5
Overall, deaths due to accidental injury in the home and workplace have
declined, largely due to stricter health policies at work, increased safety in
the home and innovations such as child proof caps
The single greatest cause of unintentional death is from automobile and
motorcycle accidents
¼ Canadians will die from cancer
Breast cancer in Canadian women has dropped 25% since a breast cancer
program was initiated in the country, yet still remains the most common
cause of cancer death in women under 50
Breast self exams (BSE) were proven non-effective and have since been
removed as a recommendation for women to perform on themselves
A clinical breast exam (CBE) involves a thorough physical examination of
the breast by a health care professional to detect changes or abnormalities
that could indicate the early signs of breast cancer
The recent decrease in breast cancer mortality has been linked in part to
better screening
Women who are immigrants, who smoke, and do not have a family doctor are
less likely to get screened for breast cancer