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Chapter 9

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Dan Dolderman

Psychology Chap.9 Motivation: factors that energize, direct, or sustain behaviour. It affects physical factors or psychological factors. Motivational states are energizing (activate or arouse behaviours), directive (guide behaviour into satisfying goals or needs), help people persist (until goals are reached or needs are satisfied), and differ in strength (depending on internal and external factors. Need : a state of biological or social deficiencies within the body (failure to satisfy the need leads to psychosocial or physical impairment. Need hierarchy: Maslows arrangement of needs, in which basic survival needs are lowest and personal growth needs are highest in terms of ultimate priority. Self-actualization: a state that is achieved when ones personal dreams and aspirations have been attained. The greater the need, the greater the motivation to satisfy it. Drive: psychological state that motivates an organism to satisfy its needs. Arousal: term to describe psychological activation, such as increased brain activity, automatic responses, sweating, or mu
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