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Chapter 8

PSYC39 - Psych and the Law - Chapter 8: Domestic Violence

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University of Toronto St. George
David Nussbaum

Chapter 8: Domestic Violence  Ecological model of family violence o Individual  Biological and personal history of abuser and victim o Relationship  Circle of peers  Level of stress  Exposure to violence o Community  Schools & neighborhoods  Poverty  Social isolation  Community disorganization o Society factors  Social norms  Cultural beliefs  Police  Government policies  Intimate partner violence o Developed Conflict Tactics Scale to assess how a person and their partner resolve conflicts  Ranged from constructive problem-solving, to verbal aggression and physical aggression o In response to limitations – CTS-2 created  Theories of Intimate Violence: o Patriarchal theory  Cultural beliefs of male dominance o Social learning theory  3 major elements related to aggression:  1) origins  2) instigators – an appropriate event in enviro that is a stimulus o Aversive  Male batterers labels wide variety of emotional states as anger  emotional funnel sys o Incentive o Delusional  3) regulators o External punishment o Self-punishment= conscience  Observational learning in 3 contexts:  1) family of origin  2) subculture in which person lives  3) media
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