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FOUNDATIONS OF PSYCHOLOGY - experimental psychology begins with structuralism: o introspection - functionalism addresses the purpose of behaviour - Gestalt: o the assertion that the whole experience is different from the sum ifs parts led to an approach emphasizing the subjective experience of perception - Wundt: founder of modern experimental psych - James: mind cant be broken down into elements (stream of consciousness, functionalism) - Malthus: struggle for survival, essay on population - Freud: father of psychoanalytic theory - Pavlov: classical conditioning - Skinner: behaviourism - Neisser: defines cognitive science - Lewin: founder of modern social psych - Watson: behaviourism - Miller: cognitive science BIOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS Neurotransmitters: - Acetylcholine o motor control and mental processes neurons directing muscle movement - Monoamines o Epinephrine and norepinephrine: involved in arousal and alertness. o Serotonin: involved in impulse control, emotion, and dreaming o Dopamine: affects motor control and motivation - Amino acids are general inhibitory and excitatory transmitters to the brain o GABA: transmitter for inhibiting neuronal transmission o Glutamate: involved in neuronal transmission and aids learning and memory - Peptides modulate neurotransmission o CCK, endorphins, and substance P affect satiation and pain Central nervous system - brain - spinal cord Peripheral nervous system - somatic system: relays sensory info - autonomic system: alarm (sympathetic) and go back to normal (parasympathetic) Endocrine system controlled by CNS (hypothalamus and pituitary) BRAIN AND CONSCIOUSNESS Brain structures: - spinal cord: o autonomous function sensory inputs + direct muscle responses (reflexes) - brain stem: o basic programs of survival (puking and stuff) - cerebellum: o balance and movement - subcortical structures: o hypothalamus: vital functions www.notesolution.com
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