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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Psychological Science Review Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Inzlicht

PSY100 J midterm: review Chapter 2: Key terms: Empirical Process: Replication: repetition of an experiment to confirm the results Theory: a model of interconnected ideas and concepts that explains what is observed and makes predictions about future events Hypothesis: a specific prediction of what should be observed in the world if a theory is correct Research: scientific process that involves the systematic and careful collection of data Data: objective observations or measurements Variable: something in the world that can be measured and that can vary Operational definition: the quantification of a variable that allows it to be measured Experiment: a study that tests casual hypotheses by measuring and manipulating variables Independent variable: in an experiment, the condition that is manipulated by the experimenter to examine its impact on the dependent variable Dependent variable: in an experiment, the measure that is affected by manipulation of the independent variable Confound: anything that affects a dependent variable that may unintentionally vary between the different experimental conditions of a study. Random assignment: p
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