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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Ashley Waggoner Denton

Chapter 13 : Personality Freud’s psychodynamic theory: Topographical model of the mind  Unconscious forces such as wishes and motives influence behaviour. These unconscious forces are referred as instincts (mental representations arising out of biological or physical need)  People satisfy the life instinct by following the pleasure principle, which direct people to seek pleasure and to avoid pain. The energy that drives the pleasure principle is the libido.  The mind is divided into three structures: - Conscious level: awareness of the thoughts - Preconscious level: content that is not currently in awareness but could be brought to awareness; analogous to long-term memory. - Unconscious level: contains material that the mind cannot easily retrieve. Contains wishes and desires and is associated with stress and anxiety. Reason for the Freudian slip. Eg; if you meet someone that is attractive for the first time: “I don’t think we’ve been properly seduced”. Development of sexual instincts Freud believed that children went through three major stages called psychosexual stages that would impact the development of their personality; - Oral stage- pleasure is sought through the mouth - Anal phase- focus on the anus, learning to control their bowels - Phallic stage- libidinal energies directed toward the genitals, discovery of pleasure of rubbing genitals. - Latency stage- libidinal urges are suppressed or channelled into doing schoolwork - Genital stage
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