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Chapter 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Psychology Chapter 7 Notes Visual Attention Is Selective and SerialAnne Treisman studied attention Said we automatically identify primitive features such as colour shape orientation Parallel processing attend selectively to one feature by effectively blocking the further processing of others Visual search taskdisplaying objects on a computer screen Targetsobjects that differ from one another Distractors are the other objectsAuditory Attention Allows Selective Listening Talking on a cellphone while driving is more hazardous than talking with a passenger in a car while driving EC Cherry described cocktail party phenomenon You can focus on a single conversation in a chaotic cocktail party but a particular stimulus like hearing your name being called or hearing interesting gossip can capture your attention Shadowing is a selectivelistening study developed by Cherry Person wears headphones and listens to two messages one in each ear and is to shadow either one of the two by saying it out loud Donald Broadbent developed filter theory Assumed that people have a limited capacity for sensory information letting only the important information in Faces are a good example of stimuli that capture attention because they provide important social information like if someone is attractive or not Change blindness is being blind to large changes in our environment People can miss obvious changes in what they see or hear Eg Giving directions to a stranger who were momentarily blocked by an object and replaced by another person 50 of people never noticed they were talking to a different person as long they were same sex and race
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