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Gender and Dilemma differences in Real-life moral judgments (G. Wark and D. Krebs)  Investigated the effects of gender, gender role, and type of moral dilemma on moral maturity and moral orientation  Ppl were given personal attributes questionnaire (Kohlberges test of moral judgment) and instructions to discuss a personal and impersonal real-life moral dilemma  Females were more consistent than males in moral stage  Males were more consistent in moral orientation  Females made higher stage and more care-based moral judgments than males made on personal real life dilemmas  Observed variations occurred primarily because males reported more stage 2, justice-pulling antisocial dilemmas than females  Females reported more stage 3, care-pulling prosocial dilemmas than males  Gilligan believed that Kohlbergs conception of moral development is biased against females and ppl with a feminie gender role identity because it devalues their care-based moral orientation o Kohlbergs scoring system assigns the care-based moral judgments they prefer to lower stages (stage 3) than the justice baesd moral judgments preferred by males (stage 4 +)  Two models share a fundamentally important assumption, that differences in moral judgment stem primarily from internal differences btw ppl  Kohlberg-moral maturity stems from the internal, cognitive structures of the whole that define stages of moral development  Gilligan-moral orientation-the tendency to view moral issues in care oriented or justice-oriented ways-stems from gender-related differences in identity acquired during early socialization  First goal of this study was to determine whether different types of moral dilemma evoke diff forms of moral judgment  Second goal was to determine whether females and ppl with a feminine gender-role identity are inclined to make diff kinds of moral judgment from males and ppl with a masculine gender-role identity, and if so, whether these gender related differences can be accounted for by gender related differences in the types of real life moral dilemma reported  The results of this study did not support gilligans assertions about gender and gen
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