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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Summarizing This is mostly what you need to know about the chapter and they are the most important things in the chapter.

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Dan Dolderman

Chapter 5 Summarizing the principles of sensation perception and attentionHOW DO WE SENSE OUR WORLDS 1 Stimuli must be coded to be understood by the brain Stimuli reaching the receptors are converted to neural impulses through the process of transduction2 Psychophysics relates stimulus to responseBy studying how people respond to different sensory level scientists can determine thresholds and perceived changes Signaldetection theory Our sensory systems are tuned to adapt to constant level of stimulation and detect changes in our environmentWHAT ARE THE BASIC SENSORY PROCESSES 3 In gestation taste buds are chemical detectors The gustatory sense uses taste buds to respond to the chemical substances producing basic sensation of sweet sour salty and bitter The amount and concentration of taste buds vary individually4 In smell the nasal cavity gathers particles of odour Receptors in the olfactory epithelium respond to chemicals and send signals to th
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