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Chapter 5

CHAPTER 5 Sensation and Perception

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Wagner Denton

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1CHAPTER 5 SensationPerceptionSensationPerception Whats the DifferenceSensation Involves the detection of external stimuli eg light pressure odours etc responses to those stimuli and the transmission of these responses to the brain Perception Involves the processing organization and interpretation of sensory signals in the brain which results in an internal representation of the stimuliand your conscious experience of it Important things to keep in mind o Everything is experienced in your brain o The world you live in is constructed by you o Context is important o Change is importantSensation Going from the world to your brainStimuli need to be translated into chemical or electrical signals for your brain to understand them Transduction Process by which sensory receptors pass impulses to connecting neurons when they receive stimulation eg from pressure on the skin in the case of touchMost of this information not smell goes first to the thalamus before being directed to a particular part of the cortex where the information is then interpreted as sight smell taste etcHow much of something does there have to e for us to notice it o Do you hear that Can you taste thisSensory thresholds o Absolute threshold The minimum intensity of stimulation that must occur before you experience a sensation or the stimulus intensity detected above chanceEg the quietest whisper you could hear half the time o Difference threshold The just noticeable difference between two stimuli the minimum amount of change required for a person to detect a differenceSignal Detection TheoryDetermining whether you notice a faint stimulus or not requires you to make a judgment based on ambiguous information Response bias A persons tendency to report detecting a signal in an ambiguous trialhow much evidence do you need
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