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Ashley Waggoner Denton

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Psy P 1625J S Millpsych should leave speculation and become a scienceExperimental Psychology Begins with Structuralism 1879Wilhelm Wundtestablished the first psych lab and institute in Leipzig GermanyWundt realized psychological processes take time to occur Presents each patient with a hard task and a simple one sees the difference in time between them to study reaction timeAlso measured conscious experiences Developed introspection systematic examination of subjective mental experiences that requires people to inspect and report on the content of their thoughtsEx Asked people to use introspection in comparing their subjective experiences as they contemplated a series of objectswhich one is more pleasant Titchenerused introspection to pioneer structuralismStructuralism Approach to psychology based on the ideas that the conscious experience can be broken down into its basic underlying componentselements T understanding the basic elements of consciousness would provide the scientific basis for understanding the mind Problem with introspection experience is subjectivenot reliable Functionalism Addresses the Purpose of Behavior 1873William James criticized structuralismJames abandoned a career in medicine Interested in the nature of conscious experienceStream of Consciousness A phrased coined by James to describe ones continuous series of everchanging thoughts Ex Bricks together formed a house house has a particular function Minds elements structuralism matters less than the minds usefulness the house as a wholePsychologists out to examine the functions served by the mindhow the mind operates Functionalism An approach to psychology concerned with the adaptive purpose or function of mind and behavior Criticism this school wasnt rigorousIf a behavior serves a purpose that purpose out to be reflected I daily human life Gestalt PsychologyEmphasizes Patterns and Context in Learning 1912Gestalt schoolGestalt theory A theory based on the idea that the whole of personal experience is different from simply the sum of its constituent element The whole is different from the sum of its parts
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