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University of Toronto St. George
Steve Joordens

Anthromorphism= trating objects and animals like people Psychology= collection of disciplines compared to many overlapping fields of study, 2 parts: Behavior= perceptions, thoughts, emotions Scientific method= a way of learning about the world through observation, explanations for observations, theories, hypothesis **hypothesis and theory work together scientific hypothesis must be TESTABLE- confirmed and rejected, should be able to be wrongpseudoscience= ideas that are presented as science but don’t utilize basic principles of scientific thinking theory = explanation for a broad range of hypotheses and integrates numerous findings into a coherent whole hypothesis goes back to theory theories come from hyp theories are not opinions or beliefs part of science= testing hypotheses and making theories biophsychosocial model= behaviours which is product of psycho/social/bio facts computer and no soul are we machines, do we have a soul? Renee decart= moving with intention no longer the defining feature of having a soul – animals have no soul, humans have a machine part and a soul John locke says we are fully machines, materialism, NO SOUL In philosophy you think and argue and in science you do that and tests and experiments Scientific literacy= abilitiy to understand, analyze, apply scientific info John locke Mind is machine= MATERIALISM La table rassa= born blank slate Empiricism= what makes something science Gallvani= emeprical Verifies ideas, body follows laws Muller= body is wires A lot about us that’s materials= rules that govern how we work Empiricism= knowledge through experience Determinism= all events governed by lawful cause and effect relationships, behavious deterimied externally and internally Zeitgeist= set of beliefs of culture at a specific time Materialism= we are meachines, humans and other living things controlled Helmholtz= speed of
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