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University of Toronto St. George
Ashley Waggoner Denton

Three criteria for whether behavior represents psypathogy - 1. Does the behavior deviate from cultural norms? 2. Is the behavior manipulative? 3. Is the behavior causing problems to the individual? etiology - factors that contribute to the development of a disorder DSM - Agnosticism and statistical manual of mental diseases Difference in psychological assessment between simple and strucuted interviews - 1. Simple Clinical interviews are less structured and depend on the therapists' experience 2. Structued interview methods follow a more scripped outline comorbidity - Concept that mental disorders commonly overlap one another Dissociative disorders and an example of one type - involves disruptions of identity of memory and of conscious awareness. - Ex: dissociative identity theory dissociative identity theory - - Two of more distinct identities in an individual - One theory is that abused children especially common for females disassociate the abuse as happening to outside of themselves - This is controversial because often those claiming to have this disorder are trying to get a lighter sentence for crimes they commit Disathesis stress model - The theory that psychological disorders occur when one is genetically vulnerable and/or vulnerable by the conditions of their upbringing and finally if that person is unable copes with stressful environment. What are the three focus points of the DSM? (family system model) - 1. Family system model 2. Socio-cultural model 3. Cognitive behavioral model Why do females tend to experience more disorders like major depressive disorder and anorexia while men experience more compulsive disorders like drug dependence? - The theory is that woman tend to internalize their stress while men tend to externalize. Anxiety disorder - is an excessive anxiety in the absence of actual dangers Anxiety disorder, specifically phobias - - Specific phobias - Social phobias Social phobia's complexity - Social phobias is comorbid with many other psychological disorders, all of which need to be considered to make the right diagnosis Anxiety disorder: Generalized anxiety disorder - constantly under stress and worry Anxiety disorder: Panic disorder - Sudden and overwhelming attack of terror that come out of nowhere Anxiety disorder: agoraphobia - fear of escape Anxiety disorder: Obsessive compulsive disorder - - obsessive: intrusive/unwanted thoughts and menta
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