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Chapter 9

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Nhung Tuyet Tran

Chapter 9 Interpersonal attraction close relationships and Groups Do people share the same standards for physical attractiveness around the worldHow does culture shape the way we relate to othersWe look at how people are attracted to others how they form close relationshipshow they understand the nature of groups and how group membership influences people and many other questions about relationships and if they are culturally bound or notInterpersonal attractionto talk about standards of attractiveness we need to look at the way people try to make themselves attractive around the worldPaduang in thailand stretched necks with brass ringsMursi in ethiopia stretched lower lips with ceramic disks in a whole in their lipMentawai in indonesia file their teeth into sharp points like sharks Ainu women in northern japan tattoo their face in like a moustache around their lips western darken lashes paint lipstick shave legsDarwin noticedsimilarities with negroes in west africa his friend wrote a book about how although people do different things for beauty we hold similar standards for what is attractivecomplexion skin that doesnt have blemishes blotchessore and rashes isattractive and the cosmetic industry is geared at concealing themwe look at ppl with fresh faces because its a sign they are healthy and not diseased with parasites and we can imagine mating with them to get equally healthy children and thats why its attractive Our ancestors would have preferred perfect skin and they select for it over timebilateral symmetryattracted to people whos left side is identical to their right side The reason for this is that symmetry is the indicator of developmental stabilityIf ppl grow properly left and right should match The more asymmetrical the more you didnt have ideal circumstances in the womb or you have genetic mutations which means they are less likely to be healthyalso seen in scorpion flies are more attractive than other fliesAttractive faces that are average not that they are average in look but that the features are on average the same size and configurationThere are some exceptions Again people with average sized features are less likely to have genetic abnormalitiesand another reason is we can quickly process something that resembles a prototype which makes us feel good and fell attractionstudy japanese faces and euroaustralian were averaged together within and across cultures and as well people with eurasian faces the average faces and average biracial faces where the most attractive especially judged by the opposite sexhowever this idea of averagefeatures dont not apply to body typeThe bodies that are seen as most attractive are the ones that depart from the average
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