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Chapter 10

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Nhung Tuyet Tran

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Chapter 10 Living in Multicultural worldsMichaelle Jean born in Haiti lived in many different places and had ancestry from different origins spanish italianafricannigerianghanianTogolese etc she moved to Quebec went to university in montreal and in italy and married a french man What s her culture because of immigration defining culture is extremely hard to do because there is so much mingling that it is hard to clearly draw the boundaries or culture There are no large societies that dont have people from different cultures residing in them Toronto is populated by more immigrants than nonimmigrants Its hard to say something about the culture of Toronto that will apply to all its citizensworldwide 130 million people are living in countries they were not born in about 10 of US popn have moved from somewhere else to the US 59 of Latino american kids and 90 asian american kids were born outside the US or second generationEncountering different cultures is very common these days We look into the psychology of people who migrate to other countries What happens when you move from where you were raisedWhat are the cost of being a member of a culture that is actively discriminated againstHow are ppls mind different if they have lived in 2 distinct culturesDo some ppl do better than others when experiencing thisDifficulties in studying acculturation acculturationprocess by which ppl migrate to and learn a culture that is different from their original cultureThis is hard to study there have been thousands of studies done but they are all contradictoryless coherent and have not evidence This happens because people who acculturate have different experiences because they move to a new country for many reasonssome leave to study abroad w intentions to return homesome are moving to be closer to family some move to seek fame and fortune some move as refugees so they escapesome move from a young age bcz parent think its best for themThere are also different places that people move to some to cultural ghettos little italy they dont need to change culture or languagesome to homogenous neighborhoods where they look differentsome to places where they are discriminated against some to expatriate neighborhoods w ppl who migrated from around the worldpeople also move from rural to urban places that have similar religion and language or completely differentpeople also have different personalities goalsexpectationsWhat happens when people move to a new culture
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