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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 notes from textbook

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Michael Inzlicht

Psych Notes Ch. 2 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY - Angelo Mosso began studying relationship bw mind and brain by examining how mental activity affects flow of blood to brain assumed brain was responsible for thoughts, feelings, emotions, then mental activity should affect how brain functions - Methods of Psychological Science: o Formulate hypothesis o Design study J plan an experiment with a control group o Collect data - o Analyze data J use statistical tech. to assess whether results are genuine or chance o Disseminate results J report on findings in research journal or conference - Scientific inquiry: what happens, when it happens, what causes it to happen, why it happens - Empirical questions: questions that can be answered by observing and measuring the world around us o Reflects a dynamic interaction bw 3 essential elements: Theory Jideamodel of how smthing in the world works Hypothesis J what should be observed if theory is correct Research J systematic and car
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