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Chapter 5

ch. 5 textbook notes - only important things you should know for test

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Michael Inzlicht

Psych Notes: Chapter 5 Sensation, Perception and Attention - The way we experience our world is often divided into two parts: Perception, Sensation o Sensation: how our sense organs respond to and detect external stimulus energy and how those responses get transmitted to brain o 9 ]}L9]L[ZZ} ZZ]L2}ZZ Z]2LoZZo]KoZoZ]L an internal rep of stimuli and a conscious experience of a world - How do we sense our worlds? o Sensory organs convert forms of physical energy into signals brain understands o Stimuli must be coded to be understood by the brain ^LZ} }]L29Z}ZLZ}}2LZLZoZ]KoZ[ZZ] o prop. Into neural impulses Transduction: the process where receptors are specialized neurons in the sense organs that pass impulses to connecting neurons when they receive some sort of physical or chemical stimulation N Most sensory info passes to thalamus sends info to cortex, where incoming neural impulses are interpreted as sight, smell, sound, touch, or taste Sensory coding can be divided into 2 categories: N Quantitative J intensity, brightness, loudness, }]L2[ZZoo indexed by neural firing frequency (sensation) N Qualitative J (color or taste) diff sensory receptors respond to diff qualities of a stimulus a dedicated receptor type for every possible stimulus (maybe), or most cases receptors provide coarse coding: sensory qualities are coded by only a few receptors, each of which respond to a broad range of stimuli N SEE TABLE 5.1 PG 163 Psychophysics Relates Stimulus to Response N Psychophysics: examines our psychological experiences of physical stimuli N Sensory Thresholds o Absolute threshold: minimum intensity of stimulation that must occur before we can experience a sensation o Difference Threshold: the just noticeable diff between two stimuli (min. amt of change required for us to detect a diff) J[Z>9ZZ]}EZL}] o]]ZZ on a relative proportion of difference rather than a fixed amt of diff (i.e., 610 vs 96100) N Signal Detection Theory o Concept of absolute threshold was flawed www.notesolution.com
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