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Michael Inzlicht

• Pedestal-gutter syndrome = Madonna-whore dichotomy • Hunter-gatherer societies may have been relatively egalitarian, but the belief that they may have once been matriarchal has been debunked • Both men and women have more favourable attitudes towards women than men = “women are wonderful” effect o Though, the feeling is stronger with women o Also, these findings have even been replicated for implicit attitudes! • But, these favorable traits assigned to women most often favor them for domestic/subordinate roles, while men are presumed to posses the traits associated with high-status roles • Jackman argued that subordination and affection, far from being mutually exclusive, often go hand in hand o Because, dom groups often prefer to act warmly toward sub o Can be patronizing affection as a reward for them “knowing their place” o Open hostility is reserved for those who do not defer to this and question the inequality • Allport’s def’n of prejudice suggest that prejudice must include antipathy. But benevolent sexism suggests otherwise. o But he does fix this in an afterthought which says the net effect must be inequality • Legitimizing ideologies = beliefs that help to justify and maintain group inequality o Both benevolent and hostile sexism fall under this category o It is even almost seen as a heavy responsibility they must bear to “help the weaker group” o I.e white man’s burden = to “save the savages” o Similar to those who were “ungrateful” in that situation, men may see women who want to work, be in positions of power, as ungrateful too • Benevolent sexism also serves the purpose of “disarming” women by reducing their resistance to patriarchy, because they can be treated well, protected, provided for, etc. if they follow conventional roles... (hi whoever’s reading this, this all makes me really angry ) • Women who implicitly associate male romantic partners with chivalrous images have less ambitious career goals. They also perceive sexist discrimination as less serious when the perpet
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