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Chapter 3

chapter 3 textbook notes

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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 31 genome provide detailed instructions for everthinggenome provides the option and the environment determines which option is taken2 chromosomes structure made up of genesgenes are components of DNADNA constists of two intertwined strands of molecules of sugar phosphate and nitrogenGene expression GeneDNA segmentDNAproduction of RNA protein3 Human Genome Project identify the precise order of molecules that makes up each geneonly around 3000 genes in human bodynota lot but subtlety4 allelestwo versions of a genedominant genesrecessive genes5 genotype the genetic constitution of an organism actual genetic makeupphenotype observable physical characteristics of an organism that result from both genetic and environmental influences6 reproductive cells from each parent divide to produce gametescontains one half of each pair of chromosomessperm and egg cells combine during fertilizationzygotecontains 23 pairs of chromosomes one half from mother and the other half from father7 most mutations are benign and have little influence8 most dominant gene disorders are lethal for most of their carriers and do not last in the gene pool9 monozygotic twins exactly identical twins one zygote divides to twodizygotic twins two separately fertilized eggs10 neuron the basic unit of the nervous system operate through electrical impulses communicate through chemical signals reception conduction and transmission11 dendrite branchlike extensions of neurons that detect information from other neuronscell body the place where information from thousands of other neurons is collected and processedwwwnotesolutioncom
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