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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

S\`W^ WS^ZZY [cV`WWSb[a^S`aV[XWS^ZZYWbW[\ O WS^ZZY ÊSZVWZVa^ZYU SZYWZTW Sb[a^^W_a`ZYX^[W\W^WZUW O WW__WZUW[XWS^ZZY_aZVW^_`SZVZY [cWbWZ`_S^W^WS`WV O __[US`[Z_VWbW[\` ^[aY U[ZV`[ZZYS\^[UW__Zc U WZb^[ZWZ`S_`aSZVTW Sb[a^S^W_\[Z_W_TWU[WU[ZZWU`WV O _U [[Y_`_`aV`c[`\W_[XU[ZV`[ZZY ŵ S__US[ZV`[ZZYÈ Sb[SZ[ZV`[ZZYÊc WZcWWS^Z ` S``c[`\W_[XWbWZ`_Y[`[YW` W^c WZcWcS`U S_US^[bW SZV[a^ WS^`TWS`_XS_`W^ Ŷ \W^SZ`[ZV`[ZZYÈZ_`^aWZ`S[ZV`[ZZYÊc WZcW WS^Z` S`STW Sb[a^WSV_`[S\S^`UaS^[a`U[W_aU S__`aVZY WSV_`[TW``W^Y^SVW_ O ` W^`\W_ZUaVWWS^ZZYT[T_W^bZY[` W^_ O UU[^VZY`[[ Z S`_[Z[Z[T_W^bSTWTW Sb[a^cS_` W[ZbSV ZVUS`[^[X\_U [[YUSSU`b` O ` [aY S`_[ZTWWbWV` [aY `_SZVTWWX_W_`WV` WU[aVZ[`TW _`aVWV_UWZ`XUS O S`_[ZX[aZVWVW Sb[a^_c U _`S`WV` S`WZb^[ZWZ`SZV`_ S__[US`WVWXXWU`_[ZSZS_cW^W` W_[WVW`W^ZSZ`_[XWS^ZZY W Sb[a^SW_\[Z_W_^W[ZV`[ZWV O S__US[ZV`[ZZYÊS`\W[XWS^ZWV^W_\[Z_W` S`[UUa^_c WZS ZWa`^S[T#WU`U[W_`[WU`S^WXWbW^W_\[Z_Wc WZ`_S__[US`WVc` S _`aa_` S`S^WSV\^[VaUW_` S`^W_\[Z_W O ZU[ZV`[ZWVW_\[Z_W ÊS^W_\[Z_W` S`V[W_Z[` SbW`[TW WS^ZWV_aU S_S^WXWW_SbS`[Z_WU`WVT` WX[[VSa`[S`U TW Sb[a^ O ZU[ZV`[ZWV`aa_ÊS_`aa_` S`WU`_S^W_\[Z_W_aU S_S ^WXWc` [a`SZ\^[^WS^ZZY W` WX[[VZ Sb[b$_W\W^WZ`_ O [ZV`[ZWV`aa_ ÊS_`aa_` S`WU`_S^W_\[Z_W[ZSX`W^WS^ZZY S_`S%WZ\SUWWUU%ZY[X` WW`^[Z[W O [ZV`[ZWVW_\[Z_WÊS^W_\[Z_W`[SU[ZV`[ZWV_`aa_` S` S_ TWWZWS^ZWVW_SbS^^WXW` S`[UUa^_[Zc WZ` W_\^W_WZ`WV O WaZU[ZV`[ZWV^W_\[Z_W_[^WZ`WZ_W` SZ` WU[ZV`[ZWV^W_\[Z_W O Sb[bTWWbWV` S`U[ZV`[ZZY_` WTS__X[^ [cSZS_WS^Z`[SVS\` `[` W^WZb^[ZWZ`_ O U]a_`[ZÊ` WY^SVaSX[^S`[Z[XSZS__[US`[ZTW`cWWZ` W U[ZV`[ZWVSZVaZU[ZV`[ZWV_`a O [^S__[US`[Z`[[UUa^` W`c[_`aa_`[UUa^`[YW` W^Z`W^WXW^^WV `[S_U[Z`Ya` O `ZU`[ZÊS\^[UW__Zc U ` WU[ZV`[ZWV^W_\[Z_W_cWS%WZWVc WZ ` WU[ZV`[ZWV_`aa__^W\WS`WVc` [a`` WaZU[ZV`[ZWV_`aa_ O \[Z`SZW[a_WU[bW^ÊS\^[UW__Zc U S\^Wb[a_W`ZYa_ WV ^W_\[Z_W^W'WW^YW_X[[cZY\^W_WZ`S`[Z[X` WU[ZV`[ZWV_`aa_ O `aa_"WZW^S#S`[Z ÊUUa^_c WZ_`a` S`S^W_S^Ta`Z[` VWZ`US`[` WU[ZV`[ZWV_`aa_\^[VaUW` WU[ZV`[ZWV^W_\[Z_W O `aa_XXW^WZ`S`[ZÊSVXXW^WZ`S`[ZTW`cWWZ`c[_S^_`a c WZ[Z[ZW[X` W_U[Z__`WZ`S__[US`WVc` ` WaZU[ZV`[ZWV _`aa_ [TS_SZVVVU`[Z_(SbW)WS^ZWV[\[ZWZ`_ O [TS ÊSZSU]a^WVXWS^` S`_[a`[X\^[\[^`[Z`[` W^WS` ^WS`[XSZ [T#WU`[^[XS_`aS`[Z O UU[^VZY`[US__USU[ZV`[ZZY` W[^\ [TS_VWbW[\` ^[aY ` W YWZW^S+S`[Z[XSXWS^W\W^WZUWS_c WZS\W^_[Z_`aZYTSTWWVWbW[\_ SXWS^X[^SXZYZ_WU`_ O ZS_USZTWUS__USU[ZV`[ZWV`[XWS^ZWa`^S[T#WU`_S\^[UW__ %Z[cZS_XWS^U[ZV`[ZZY O WZX[^W^ W^[ZSVVU`_S^WW\[_WV`[WZb^[ZWZ`SUaW_S__[US`WV c` ` W^V^aYa_W` W[X`WZW\W^WZUWU^SbZY_ S__US[ZV`[ZZY,Zb[bW_ [^W SZbWZ`_UUa^^ZYS`` WSWW O UU[^VZY`[ Sb[bSZ[T#WU`[^\ WZ[WZ[ZU[aVTWU[ZbW^`WVZ`[S U[ZV`[ZWV_`aa_Va^ZYU[ZV`[ZZY`^S_ O W^`SZ\S^ZY_[X_`aS^W[^W%W`[TWU[WS__[US`WV` SZ[` W^_ O [[YUS ^W\S^WVZW__ÊSZS_S^WYWZW`US\^[Y^SWV`[XWS^ _\WUXU[T#WU`_ O S__US[ZV`[ZZY_SWSZ_Tc U SZS_U[W`[\^WVU`` W [UUa^^WZUW[XWbWZ`_ O _U [[Y_`_$ZU^WS_ZYU[Z_VW^S`[Z[XWZ`S\^[UW__W__aU S_
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