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Chapter 12

Social Psych Chapter 12

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

S\`W^Źź [U S _U[[Y ñ[c[```aVW_aVWW Sb[a^ O ```aVW_ ÊWWbSaS` [Z[X[TWU`_WbWZ`_[^ VWS_ 4 „S\WVT_[U SU[Z`W`SZV\SSZ \[^`SZ`^[W Z[ccW WbSaS`WSZV Z`W^SU`c `[`W^\W[\W W [^`` `aVW_`^[aY\W^ WZUWSZV„[U S S` [Z O W[\WVWbW[\ZWYS` bWS`` `aVW_ST[a`ZWc[TWU`_XS_`W^`SZ`WVWbW[\ \[_ ` bWS`` `aVW_ O \ US`W[^WS\W^_[Z _W\[_WV`[_[W` ZY`W[^WW[^_W `WZV_`[ W ` O `` `aVW_USZTWU[ZV ` [ZWV! WcWZSVbW^` _W^_a_WUS__ US U[ZV ` [Z ZY" O `` `aVW_S^WS_[_S\WVT_[U S S` [Z WSb [a^_^W[Z_ _`WZ`c `„`^[ZY`` `aVW_ O W_`^[ZYW^SZV[^W\W^_[ZS^WWbSZ``WS`` `aVW`W[^W W ` c \^WV U`TWSb [a^TWU[Z_ _`WZ`[bW^` WSZVTW^W_ _`SZ``[USZYW O W[^W_\WU X USZS`` `aVW`W[^W\^WV U` bW ` _ O `` `aVW_X[^WV`^[aYV ^WU`W\W^ WZUWS_[`WZV`[\^WV U`TWSb [a^ TW``W^ O WWS_Wc `c US\W^_[ZUSZ^W`^ WbWW[^ W_^WS`WV`[SZS`` `aVWÊ S```aVWSUUW__T ` Ê\^WV U`_TWSb [a^U[Z_ _`WZ`c ``WS`` `aVW O \U````aVW_ Ê`` `aVW_`S`\W[\W^W\[^` O è\U````aVW_Ê`` `aVW_`S` ZXaWZUW[a^XWW ZY_SZVTWSb [a^S` SZaZU[Z_U [a_WbW _U^W\SZU W_&WSV`[ __[ZSZUW O [YZ`bW__[ZSZUWÊZaZU[X[^`STWWZ`S_`S`WVaW`[U[ZX U`_ TW`cWWZS`` `aVW_[^TW`cWWZS`` `aVW_SZVTWSb [a^! W_[ ZYWbWZ `[aY[a Z[c `_TSVX[^[a" 4 __[ZSZUWUSa_W_SZ W`SZV`WZ_ [ZSZV`W^WX[^W[` bS`W_ \W[\W`[^WVaUW`WV __[ZSZUWSZV^W bWV _\WS_a^W 4 W[\W^WVaUWV __[ZSZUWTUSZY ZY`W ^S`` `aVW_[^TWSb [a^_' `W_[W` W_S_[^S` [ZS W[^`^ b S W`WV _U^W\SZU W_ O ñ[V ZY\[_ ` bWS`` `aVW_ST[a``c[[\` [Z_Ta`Sb ZY`[U[[_W[ZW[X `WUSa_W_V __[ZSZUW! WU[[_ ZYTW`cWWZ`c[bW^Y[[V_U[[_" O [_`VWU _ [ZSV __[ZSZUW _cWZ[a_`S^``[X[Ua_[Z`W[^W\[_ ` bW S_\WU`_[X[ZWU[ UWSZV`WZWYS` bWS_\WU`_[X`W[`W^ O ZWcS`[YW`\W[\W`[USZYW`W ^S`` `aVW _`[USZYW`W ^TWSb [a^ X ^_` O WZ\W[\WW\W^ WZUWSZ`\W[XV _U[X[^``[[ ZSY^[a\`W W\W^ WZUWV __[ZSZUW 4 W^W_[bW`WV __[ZSZUWT ZXS` ZY`W \[^`SZUW[X`WY^[a\ SZV`W ^U[ `WZ``[ ` `` `aVW_SZWSZYWV`^[aY W^_aS_ [Z O W^_aS_[Z ÊWSU` bWSZVU[Z_U [a_WXX[^``[USZYWS`` `aVW_`^[aY`W `^SZ_ __ [Z[XSW__SYW 4 W^_aS_ [Z _[^W W`[[UUa^cWZ[a\SS``WZ` [Z`[S W__SYWaZVW^_`SZV `SZVX ZV `U[Zb ZU ZY' ZSVV ` [Z`W W__SYWa_`TWW[^STW_[ `_ \SU`S_`[bW^` W O ST[^S`[ZW [[V [VWÊ`W[^[X[c\W^_aS_ bWW__SYW_WSV `[S`` `aVWUSZYW_ O UU[^V ZY`[` _`W[^\W^_aS_ [Zc[^ _b S`c[^[a`W_( 4 WUWZ`^S^[a`W Ê Zc U\W[\W\SS``WZ` [Z`[S^YaWZ`_ U[Z_ VW^S ZX[^S` [ZSZVa_W^S` [ZSU[YZ ` bW\^[UW__W_WSV_`[ _`^[ZYS`` `aVW_`S`S_`[bW^` WSZVS^W^W_ _`SZ``[USZYW 4 W\W^ \W^S^[a`WÊ Zc U\W[\W Z S\^[UW__`W W__SYWWSV_`[[^W \a_ bWSU` [ZS_cWZS\W^_[ZVWU VW_`[ \a^US_WS\^[VaU`TWUSa_WSUWWT^ `S_WZV[^_WV ` O WUaW_`S` ZXaWZUWSW__SYW)_\W^_aS_ bWZW__ ZUaVW( 4 W_[a^UWÊc[VW bW^_`WW__SYW 4 WU[Z`WZ`ÊcS``WW__SYW_S_ 4 W^WUW bW^Êc[\^[UW__W_`WW__SYW O „[a^UW_c[S^W[^WS``^SU` bWSZVU^WV TWS^W[^W\W^_aS_ bW ñ[c[W [^a^è\^W__[Z_[X` W^_ [ZbW^TSU` [Z_SZV\^W__ [Z_XXWU`a^+\^W__ [Z_ O [ZbW^TSW Sb[a^ÊWXSU SW\^W__ [Z_YW_`a^W_SZZW^ __SZV [bWWZ`_Tc U[ZWU[aZ US`W_c `[`W^_ O WXSUWU[aZ US`W_SY^WS`VWS_aUS_W[` [ZS_`S`W Z`W^W_`SZV V _`^a_` O WU[Z`SU` _ \[^`SZ` Z_[U S_ `aS` [Z_`[aY[ccW\W^UW bW ` VW\WZV_[Z[a^Ua`a^W O W[\WUSZS WSUUa^S`WaVYWZ`_TS_WV[Z[ZSXWc_WU[ZV_[X [T_W^bS` [Z O ZW \[^`SZ`Z[ZbW^TSUaW _[c\W[\WcS Z[cZS_YS ` 4 {S `\^[b VW_ ZX[^S` [ZST[a`SXXWU` bW_`S`W W S W``^ Ta` [Z_ST[a``W^_ O ``^Ta`[Z_Ê W[\W)_US_aSW\SZS` [Z_X[^cWbWZ`_[^SU` [Z_[UUa^ O W[\W\^WXW^`[` Z `S`` ZY_S\\WZX[^S^WS_[ZSZV`S``W^WX[^W `WUSZSZ` U \S`WXa`a^WWbWZ`_ O W^_[ZS``^Ta`[Z_Ê\SZS` [Z_`S`^WXW^`[ Z`W^ZSUS^SU`W^ _` U_ _aUS_ST ` W_`^S `_[[V_SZVWXX[^` O „`aS`[ZS``^Ta`[Z_Ê\SZS` [Z_`S`^WXW^`[W`W^ZSWbWZ`__aU S_`WcWS`W^aU SUU VWZ`_[^`WSU` [Z_[X[`W^\W[\W O aZVSWZ`S``^Ta`[ZW^^[^ ÊW`WZVWZU`[[bW^W\S_ W\W^_[ZS XSU`[^_SZVaZVW^W_` S`W_ `aS` [ZSXSU`[^_ ZW\S Z ZYTWSb [a^ O W[\W`WZV`[TW__`WS` UST S_WV Z`W ^_[U S- ZX[^S` [Z \^[UW__ ZY 4 W[\WS W_WX-_W^b ZYS``^ Ta` [Z_U[Z_ _`WZ`c ``W ^\^W- W _` ZYTW WX_SZV`WYWZW^SXS `[`S W Z`[SUU[aZ``S`[`W^ \W[\WS^W ZXaWZUWVT_[U SU ^Ua_`SZUW_ „`W^W[`\W_^WS_WV[Za`[S` US`WY[^ S` [Z O „`W^W[`\W_Ê[YZ ` bW_UWS_`S`S[cX[^WS_XS_`\^[UW__ ZY[X ZX[^S` [ZST[a`\W[\WTS_WV[Z`W ^WTW^_ \ ZUW^`S ZY^[a\_ 4 WS^WWZ`S_[^`Ua`_`S`S[cX[^WS_XS_`\^[UW__ ZY[X_[U S ZX[^S` [Z O __UWS` U_`^aU`a^W__`W^W[`\W_Ya VWS``WZ` [Z`[cS^V ZX[^S` [Z `S`U[ZX ^_`W_`W^W[`\W_SZVScSX^[V _U[ZX ^ ZYWb VWZUW O \^[UW__ Z[cZS__aT`\ ZY _cWZ_[W[ZWU[ZX^[Z`_S\W^_[Zc[ V[W_Z[`X `S_`W^W[`\W`W^WX[^W\a`_`S`\W^_[Z ZS_\WU SUS`WY[^ ^S`W^`SZS`W^`S`_`W^W[`\W 4 W X_[W[ZWTW WbW_TSU _S^WSSZVaZ_aUUW__Xa`WZ`W c[aV\SUW USW.[^VSZS_SZWUW\` [Z_[`WU[aVS Z`S Z `W_`W^W[`\W O „WX aXZY ^[\ WU Ê W[\W)_`WZVWZU`[TWSbW ZcS_`S`U[ZX ^ `W ^[cZ[^[`W^_)W\WU`S` [Z_ O„`W^W[`\W`^WS`S\\ W_`[SZY^[a\`S`S_SZWYS` bW_`W^W[`\W S__[U S`WVc ``W „`W^W[`\W_SZ&WSV`[ ^WaV UW O ^WaV
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