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Chapter 2

chapter 2

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Michael Inzlicht

Psychology 100 Chapter #2 Notes RESEARCH METHOLDOLOGY Steps in research Formulate a hypothesis o Ex. People who are intoxicated will show less motor coordination than people who have not drink alcohol Design study o Plan experiment where you have a variable group and a control group. Collect data o Give half the people alcohol and measure motor control and balance. Analyze data o Use stats to assess whether the results are genuine or due to chance. Disseminate the results o Report on finding. What is Scientific Inquiry? All sciences are different, but generally all use the Scientific Method. (an objective examination of the naturl world) Four basic goals what happens? What causes it? When it happened? And why it happened. Causal Control the third goal what causes it? Scientific Questions Can Be Objectively Answered A researchers opinion is irrelevant. An empirical question is something that can be answed using scientific research. Replication is to repeat an experiment to conform the results. The Empirical Process depends on Theories, Hypotheses and Research Theory the model of how something in the world works Hypothesis a specific prediction of what should be obsevered (if the theory is correct) Research which involves the collections of Data (objective observations or measurements. Theories should generate Hypotheses A good theory produces a variety of testable hypotheses www.notesolution.com
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