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Chapter 3

chapter 3

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Psychology Chapter #3 Notes (Starting from page 87) Reviewing the Principles What is the Genetic Basis of Psychological Science? Human behavior is influenced by genetic processes. People inherit both physical and personality traits from parents. Methods have been developed to either enhance, or interrupt gene expression. Scientist are looking at how to modified RNA can be used to silence gene expression entirely. How does the Nervous System Operate? The nervous system takes in a variety of information from the external world, evaluates the information, and produces behaviors, or makes bodily adjustments to adapt to the environment. Neurons are specialized for Communication Neurons the basic unit of the nervous system that operates through electrical impulses, which communicate with other neurons through chemical signals. Neurons receive integrate, and transmit information on the nervous system. o Cells that specialize in communication o 3 functions, 1) take in information (reception) 2) integrate those signals (conduction) 3) pass signals to other neurons (transmission) Neurons can take all different shapes and sizes, but typically share 4 structural regions. o Dendrites branchlike extensions of neurons that detect information from other neurons. (Short out growths that increase the neurons receptor field.) the branch like appendages detect chemical signals from neighboring neurons o Cell body- In the Neuron, where information from thousands of other neurons is collected and processed. Also the site of metabolism and genetic action. o Axon a long narrow outgrowth of a neuron by which information is transmitted to other neurons. (This region varies a lot in length) The longest Axons go from your spinal cord, to big toe. o Terminal Button small nodules at the end of axons that release chemical signals from the neuron to an area called synapse. o Synapse the site for chemical communication between neurons www.notesolution.com
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