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University of Toronto St. George

Psych PeerscholarAccording to a recent survey conducted by the Government of Canada approximately 434 youth gangs exist in Canada with almost half of these members under the age of 17 Astwood Strategy Corporation 2004 The large number of adolescents in gangs is found to be caused by the selfpsychology concept of selfobject and its insufficiencies in teens as well as the need to belong This correlation was shown to be true by the work of Roy F Baumeister through the Hierarchy of needs created by Abraham Maslow Love and belongingness needs was ranked in the middle of his motivational hierarchy which shows that belongingness needs do not emerge until food hunger safety and other basic needs are satisfied but they take precedence over esteem and selfactualization Baumeister 1995 Although feeling a sense of belonging isnt the most important factor it is found necessary after basic human needs are met As an adolescent attention affection and a sense of belongingness are constantly being searched for In many cases when these factors arent met gangs or cliques are joined in order to fulfill their needs and wants Gang violence has been an increasing problem for many years in fact over 115 young adults have lost their lives to gang violence in BC since 1990This increase in death rates of adolescents may be due to the positive correlation found between the exposure to violence and gan
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