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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Inzlicht

MEMORY 7 MEMORY (7) Memory The capacity of the Nervous System to acquire and retain usable skills and knowledge, allowing living organisms to benefit from experience Often incomplete, biased, distorted......... differing vastly between individuals for a specific event Who you are ~ Memories Differ vastly from others who experience identical events (not like a video camera faithfully capturing objective images) 3,O4J:425:907 Basic Stages of Memory (3 stages for Modal Memory Model) Modal Memory Model 3 stage memory system that involves sensory, short-term, and long- term memory ,%:2,358.K4O4JL89-0OL0;0L32:O9L5O020247889029K,9434914OO4Z stage sequence 1. Sensory Memory for sensory info stored briefly in its original sensory form 7L01:OLJK98820OO84478O0,;0,97,.043307;4:888902147,85OL980.439K03;,3L8K08 (temporary sensory buffer) Visual sensory memory ICONIC memory Auditory sensory memory ECHOIC memory 1O,8K74Z841O099078:!,79L.L5,398,8N09470.,OO4304174Z8,9;,7L4:8O0;0O8410O, (iconic) [levels of delay with ability to recall?] Iconic + echoic allow us to experience world as a continuous stream rather then discrete sensations Attention is the process that moves information from the sensory store to short-term memory. Inattentional blindness!!! 2. Short-term Memory (immediate) Limited capacity memory system holding info in awareness for a brief period of time (also info that is retrieved from LTM), 20-30 sec? Active, like RAM, constantly replaced by new info and is lost if not saved can hold info for no longer than 20 sec, then disappears unless actively prevent from happening by thinking about the info or rehearsing it constantly bombarded with new info Memory span and Chunking Memory span ~ 7 (+- 2) items Bunch of letters and grouping the letters to form something of more sense (chunking) The organization of the letters is much easier to recall because: Memory span limited to at most 7 items, but items can be letters, numbers, words, concepts Meaningful units easier to remember than nonsense units www.notesolution.comMEMORY 7 Chunking Process of organizing info into meaningful units Greater the expertise with the material , more efficiently you can chunNL314:9K024704: can remember Ability to chunk info efficiently relies on long-term memory system Working Memory STM not a single storage system but rather an active processing unit that deals with multiple types of information Working Memory A3 part active memory system that keeps information available so that it can be used for activities such as problem solving, reasoning, and comprehension 3 Parts: Central Executive Presides over the interactions between subsystems and long-907220247:9K0-48s Encodes info from sensory systems and filters info that is sufficiently important to be stored in LTM Retrieves info from LTM as needed Relies on 2 sub-components that temporarily hold auditory or visual info Phonological Loop Encodes auditory info and is active whenever read, speak, or repeat words to self in order to remember them L3307;4L.0:,:L9475K434O4JL.,OO445 0,8942L89,N03.43843,3989K,984:38L2LO,79K0349K078:L3307;4L.0 words are processed in working memory by how they sound rather than by what they mean Visuospatial Sketchpad 574.08808;L8:,OL31472,9L43:4-M0.910,9:708,3O4.,9L43 *** distinction btw auditory and visual sub-compoenents demonstrated by injuries in patients. Some with greater trouble with spatial layout or remembering words STM consists much more than simply an all inclusive buffer 3. Long-Term Memory relatively permanent storage of info Hard disk (however LTM is nearly limitless) LTM vs STM difference is in 2 important ways: duration & capacity controversy :%ZK09K07,97:OL11202478947,J01742$% 1L7890;L03.041-0L3J805,7,907080,7.K8K4ZL3J:-0990770.,OO410,7O,3O,90L9028 Serial Position effect better recall early + late, involves 2 effects: Primacy effect better memory ppl have for items presented first Recency effect better memory for most recent items :855O89:O43JOL8989K070K0,7809K070K0,7809K00,7OL089L90289K02489 L314 transferred to LTM). Last few items, by contrast, are in STM *** recency effect alone does not prove STM and LTM are really different types of memory 8947,J0:0 J 4:2,70202-074:7248970.039.O,8808L39K00;03L3J 2,907L,O349K0OL3$% -0898:55479147L89L3.9L43-9Z$%,3%:-L4O4JL.,OO;O41,3,O8L8 + -7,L3L3M:7 with STM perfectly normal and much of LTM intact but unable to transfer new information *** though the 2 memory systems are highly-interdependent for instance, to chunk info in STM, need to form meaningful connections based on info stored in LTM What Gets into LTM Z0,70-42-,70ZL9K842:.KL314:2:89-084208420950411LO907L3J8890247807L08 of rules must constrain what goes into LTM... possible explanations? www.notesolution.com
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