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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Michael Inzlicht

Learning and Development Learning - an enduring change in behaviour that results from experience o Occurs when organisms benefit from experience so that their future behaviour is better adapted to the environment o Crucial to survive o Basic to complex abilities and aspects that affect our daily lives (clothing, musical preference, environmental values) o Understanding how events are related (associated) Associations develop through a process known as conditioning environmental stimuli and some sort of behavioural response become connected Classical conditioning occurs when we learn 2 types of events go together Operant conditioning occurs when we learn that a behaviour leads to a particular outcome Other types of learning Observing others How Did the Behavioural Study of Learning Develop? Dissatisfaction among some psychologists with widespread use of verbal reports to assess mental states (Freudian ideas dream analysis and free association) Watson scorned these ideas for being unscientific and focus on things that could not be observed directly BEHAVIORISM (based on belief that animals and humans are born with the potential to learn anything, stated that the environment and its associated effects on organisms were the sole determinants of learning) Behavioural responses are conditioned o Ivan Pavlov salivary reflex dogs given food and saliva is measured one day, Pavlov noticed dogs started salivating the moment that a lab www.notesolution.com
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