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Chapter 10

chapter 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 10- Emotions and Health Emotions- feelings that involve subjective evaluation, physiological processes, and cognitive beliefs. Mood- a diffuse and long- lasting emotional state that influences rather than interrupts thought and behavior. Facial Expressions Communicate Emotion o Charles Darwin- Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals- expressive characteristics were adaptive in all forms of life. o Babies show that emotion can be displayed nonverbally Facial Expressions Across Cultures o In a study of international emotion expressions, it was found that all people could recognize and identify fear, anger, disgust, happiness, sadness, and surprise o This shows that there is some evidence that facial expressions are universal, and therefore likely to be biologically based. o Display rules govern how and when emotions are exhibited- learned via socialization and dictate which emotions are suitable to a given situation. Differences in display rules help explain cultural stereotypes. Gender differences in D.R. guide emotional expressions, such smiling and crying. Emotions Serve Cognitive Functions o We do not just see a house- we see a pretty house or an ugly house o Increased levels of dopamine mediate the effects of positive affect on cognitive tasks. Decision making o In the face of complex, multifaceted situations, emotions are heuristic guides, providing feedback for making quick decisions and appears to have a direct effect that does not depend on cognitive processes. i.e. people cancel air travel after hearing about plane crash (recent events have an especially strong influence on behavior) o affect-as-information theory- people use their current emotional state to make judgments and appraisals, even if they do not know the source of their moods. www.notesolution.com
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