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psychological science module 3.2

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Dan Dolderman

psychological science module 32 notesHow the nervous system worksCells and NeurotransmittersNeural Communication Neuronsone of the major types of cells found in the nervous system that are responsible for sending and receiving messages throughout the bodyto understand how this cell can produce complex behaviours it is necessary to take a lookThe Neuron The primary purpose of neurone is to fire to receive input from one group of neurone and to transmit that information to other neurone All neurone have a cell bodythe part of a neuron that contains the nucleus that houses the cells genetic materialGenes in the cell body synthesise proteins that form the chemicals and structures that allow the neuron to function The activity of these genes can be influenced by the input coming from other cells This input is received by dendrites small branches radiating from the cell body that receive message from other cells and transmit those messages toward the rest of the cellAxon transports information in the form of electrochemical reactions from the cell body to the end of neuron Neurotransmittersthe chemicals that function as messengers allowing neurone to communicate with each other Sensory neurons and motor neuronsGlial cells
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