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Chapter 1Introduction to PsychopharmacologyPsychopharmacologyPsychopharmacologyThe study of how drugs affect mood perception thinking or behaviourPsychoactive drugsDrugs that affect mood perception thinking or behaviour by acting in the nervous systemRelate actions and effects of drugs to issues in psychologyPsychopharmacologists know how nervous system functions and how psychoactive drugs alter functioningBehavioral pharmacology limited to behavior analysisThe study of how drugs affect behavior drugs are behaviorally controlling stimuliNeuropsychopharmacologyThe study of how drugs affect the nervous system and how these nervous system changes alter behavior Why Read a Book on PsychopharmacologyPsychoactive drug use is highly prevalentIn US 100 mill antidepressant drug prescriptions 80 mill anxiolytic sedative and hypnotic drugs prescribed and 200 mill painrelieving drug prescriptions every year114 mill adults drink 25 mill use marijuana 15 mill misuse prescription drug and 70 mill use tobacco productsWHOhigh rates of psychoactive drug use internationallyGreater knowledge of psychoactive substances improves understanding of prescribed medical treatments and health implications of recreational substancesUnderstand how psychoactive substances provide important tools for understanding human behavior PharmacotherapeuticsPsychoactive treatments for disordersDrugs Administered Substances That Alter Physiological FunctionsTake drugs for headaches infections depressionanxiety to prevent disorder
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